MINI has recently unveiled a special edition model, the MINI John Cooper Works Knights Edition, at the 2018 LA Auto Show, along with three other special edition models: the MINI Countryman Yin Yang edition, MINI Clubman Starlight edition, and MINI John Cooper Works International Orange edition.

Now, the brand is saying that they will also bring back the MINI John Cooper Works GP. There has been no details provided about the new special edition other than that it will be available in 2020. 

Enthusiasts were first teased by the idea of a new MINI John Cooper Works GP at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, where the brand unveiled a concept car with an authoritative stance. It featured a wide body kit with aggressive splitters, a large roof top-mounted spoiler, and an all around fiercer front and rear fascia that utilized a great deal of carbon fiber to shed some weight. A roll cage dominated the stripped-down interior, with a column mounted paddle shifter being the only other interior piece of note. The concept was clearly intended for a track, although no information on the powertrain was offered at the time. 

The last time we saw the MINI GP badge was back in 2013 on a hardtop, with a track-ready suspension and three more horsepower than the other 2013 MINI John Cooper Works model. Based on the current Mini John Cooper Works special editions, it would be safe to expect the new MINI John Cooper Works GP to have a turbocharged inline-4 producing slightly more than the current 228 horsepower, along with a suspension, tires, and brakes designed with the track in mind.

Keeping with tradition, it will likely mark the end of this production generation and a new lineup for MINI John Cooper Works. 

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