Here, at MINI of Chicago, we’re proud to be one of the leading MINI dealerships in the Chicagoland area. From providing our customers with a fully stocked showroom to answering any automotive questions they may have, we strive every day to create the best dealership experience possible. Part of achieving our goal, however, means more than just providing you with a new MINI Coop.

As a leading dealership in the Chicagoland area means providing you with the services you need to make the most out of your driving experience. That said, not all of our customers realize that there is more to servicing and maintenance than just engines, transmissions, and motor fluids. The interior of your car deserves just as much intention as the mechanics beneath the hood.

One of the things we recommend all of our customers do is pick up an effective all-purpose cleaner and wipe down their central console. Over time dust and grime can collect on touchscreens and controls which if left unchecked could run the risk of damaging the equipment.

We also recommend investing in a durable vacuum. Crumbs, leaves, dirt, and other debris can collect in the carpet of your vehicle. While this all may not cause long-term damage to your vehicle, cleaning it up can make all the difference in the aesthetics of your driving experience.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the ultimate in interior car care, we recommend that you seek out an auto detailer, like those found in our MINI service center at MINI of Chicago. With a professional cleaner, you can ensure all of your basis are covered and can get your MINI car looking practically brand new.