MINI USA and Rapha North America recently announced a unique new partnership that will bring two premium lifestyle brands together to connect MINI and the cycling apparel brand. Both of these brands represent a lifestyle that pushes people to get out and experience the open road in unique ways. 

A key part of this new partnership is the plans to customize MINI Clubman vehicles to include bike racks mounted on the roof and positioned at Rapha Clubhouses all across the United States. The mission is that the MINI Clubman vehicle will provide a style of mobility and support to the customers of Rapha who need more support in their cycling adventures. This aspect will bring in a “Tour de France” element to the brands, thanks to what the MINI cars have to offer cyclists and where they will be positioned. 

Another part of this partnership will give a $500 credit to Rapha Cycling Club, or RCC, members in the United States who test drive and purchase or lease a new 2019 MINI. The credit can used to apply to reduce the MSRP of the 2019 MINI purchase, or it can be applied toward a MINI bike rake, or any other MINI lifestyle or accessory part. 

There’s also a large amount of co-branded accessories that RCC customers will receive, included a musette bag, essentials case, and a cycling hat with Rapha and MINI branding. There’s even an open offer to United States MINI owners who want to buy Rapha apparel for a special discount code of 20 percent off on the Rapha website for a limited time. This natural partnership is one that outlines the active lifestyles of MINI owners.

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