In our opinion, the best way to experience travel is by driving. Sure, flying may be quicker, but you can miss a lot moving so quickly, sometimes slow and steady is the best way. That said, not every vehicle is ready for the challenge of a road trip. Traveling by car can mean covering a lot of different terrains, which means you’ll need a vehicle with an AWD drivetrain, which provides superior handling than 2WD alternatives. Besides a fully capable drivetrain, it helps to have enough space for all of your travel gear. While you may be able to cram all of your stuff into a compact car, chances are you’ll have to pack quite light. Fortunately, plenty of our MINI cars are up for the challenge and can offer plenty of room for both luggage and passenger.

Of all the vehicles that we offer at MINI of Chicago, our top choice as ultimate road-tripper is the 2019 MINI Countryman. For starters, the MINI Countryman offers up 49 cubic feet worth of cargo space with the rear seats put down, which is quite a lot for a MINI brand vehicle. On top of that, every trim option of the MINI Countryman comes with an all-wheel-drive variant, making for some pretty versatile driving. Couple these features with the combined fuel economy of 28 mpg and the small yet mighty 1.5 liter 3-cylinder engine, the MINI Countryman makes for the perfect road-trip-ready car.

You can experience the latest MINI Countryman first hand at MINI of Chicago when you schedule a test drive with one of our auto experts. We’ll give you the full rundown of the road-trip-ready car and show you why MINI makes some of the best vehicles on the market today.