Summer Car Care Tips

At MINI of Chicago, we understand that being a great MINI dealership means more than just offering great cars, but providing top-of-the-line car care services as well. We also understand that the weather and temperature can put a lot of excess strain on your vehicle.

While many mechanical experts may suggest that winter is the hardest season on your vehicle, we believe that summer is ought to take a close second. Summertime means heat and plenty of it. One of the most damaging factors for your engine is heat, and protecting against it can ensure the long-term health of your engine.

How can you protect your engine against excess heat? Well, for starters, we recommend that you service your radiator and coolant before the worst of the summer heat sets in. Chicago summers can be sweltering, especially with the added humidity. By preparing your cooling system for the summer heat, you can ensure that you never find yourself stranded on the side of the road with an overheated engine.

Another aspect of your cooling system is your air-filters. Your engine requires clean air to function properly, and when the filters meant to clean this air become clogged with debris, you can run the risk of overheating and putting excess strain on your engine.

Lastly, we always recommend that drivers service their air conditioning before the worst of summer hits. Your AC is your first defense in fighting the summer heat, and ensuring its ready for triple digit weather, can ensure that you and your car stay cool all summer long.

Looking for more summer car care tips? Well, our team of car care service experts at MINI of Chicago are more than willing to fill you in. At MINI of Chicago, we do more than just sell great MINI cars, we also strive to satisfy your every automotive need.

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